Animal Facility

The animal facility was established following GLP guidelines to assure quality maintenance & safety of animals. The Laboratory Animal Facility is registered with the 'Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals CPCSEA registration no. 177/PO/ch/99/CPCSEA. The main goal of the team is to breed, maintain and supply quality animals to in-house testing services and other projects as per the sanction from the Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC).

Animal ethics

The Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC) was established as per the rules of expansion. It comprises members from within as well as outside the institute apart from a nominee of CPCSEA. The IAEC scrutinizes each project to ensure that it follows ethical guidelines. All activities of the Laboratory Animal Facility are carried out as per standard operating procedures (SOPs). The Laboratory Animal Facility maintains the records of day to day activities as well as breeding, maintenance and experimentation records of the animals as per the statutory requirement of CPCSEA and keeping in mind the future requirement of the NABL accreditation.

Equipment List in Biological TESTING LAB

Blood Hematology SYSMEX KX-21
Urine Analyzer ERBA URO DIPCHECK 300
Biochemical Analyzer ERBA CHEMO TOUCH
Soxhlet Apparatus SISCO 22012167
Deep Freezer(-20) VEST FROST BFS-345-1
Digital Pyrogen Tele Thermometer RADIX PIF 96
Kymograph SISCO MK 114
Weighing Balances etc..

Salient Features of our Animal Facility:

  • Barrier maintained facility (total built up area of 10,000 sq ft) as per GLP Guide lines
  • Each block has independent AHU with HEPA filters to prevent adventitious microbial agents
  • Controlled environmental parameters round-the-clock.
  • Quality control through microbial monitoring
  • 20 exclusive animal rooms
  • Dedicated rooms for breeding & Experimentation
  • Contains clean corridor, return service/dirty corridor, quarantine, autoclave
  • Necropsy room, procedure room, laboratory areas, water filling room & clean and feed store.


  • Automatic Tissue Processor.
  • Wax Dispenser.
  • Tissue Embedding Centre.
  • Pre warming Unit.
  • SemiAutomatic Microtome.
  • Tissue Flotation Bath.
  • Hot Plate.
  • Cooling Plate.
  • Slide Staining Machine.
  • Projection Microscope with camera (Trinocular).